A downloadable game

These game is a remake of an old board game design by FreeFall in 1983.

It's a board game similar to chess, with fantasy pieces like wizard, goblin, dragon an so on.

At the beginning, each player play at it's turn, and when one of the two catch an opposite piece, the game switch to an arena screen and from now on, the game become a shooter.

Each piece has it's own caracteristics (speed, fire rate, and power). In addition, on the borad game mode, each cell has an alignment which influences the caractéristics of pieces. So the Dark pieces are more powerfull on dark cells and vice versa.

At the end, some cells switch to differents alignment each turn of game, so a light alignment cell will become dark and so on.

Playing :

The game has only two humans players mode at this time of development

You play with gamepad

    - left stick to manage moves

    - Button A to do all of the actions

    - Button B on the wizard / Sorcerer to select the spell mode (board game mode)

 Have a nice playing time.


ArchonL&D.zip 3 MB
ArchonSources.zip 15 MB